Peer pressure. Challenging the status quo. Self-esteem. Boldness. Morality. Gay marriage. Abortion. Alcohol. Integrity.

Do you know the trending topics facing today's youth? During the summer of 2013, Student Leadership University surveyed hundreds of students ages 14-18 to discover the biggest struggles they face. Their responses reveal what's truly on the mind of Christian students today, from age-old issues to topics unique to this generation. In response, our leading youth experts are offering a FREE webinar series designed to help youth leaders, teachers and parents address some of these trending topics.

From October 14 through November 10th, our Think Bigger webinar series will address four of the prominent topics revealed in our survey, giving you an inside look at the questions your students are asking and equipping you to answer and address these challenges.

We will release a new topic, speaker and video each Monday, so be sure to tune in for the full four weeks to get inside the minds of your students and learn how you can shape the next generation.

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